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Monday, November 23, 2009

Cowboys vs. Redskins

As part of our on going strategy to mark things off of our list of things to do before we spend the year apart, Taris and I wanted to see the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington and try and catch a game.  And catch one we did!  We are in Dallas/Abilene for Thanksgiving and the Cowboys played the Redskins on Sunday, November 22nd.  The stadium lived up to the hype...amazing.  You can't take in a camera better than a standard pocket camera, so the pictures are not as awesome as they could have been, but I hope you enjoy!

Walking up to the Stadium

The NEW Cowboys Stadium.  All of those glass sections actually roll back to open up completely.  It is crazy!

The view of the infamous screen at the stadium

Our view of the field from our seats

The cheerleaders getting ready for their pre-game performance

The team being introduced onto the field

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