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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Marriage Retreat

Back at the start of September, Taris and I had the opportunity to go on a Marriage retreat sponsored by the Navy, exclusively for IP's (instructor pilots). The retreat was at a Marriott Resort in Panama City Beach, FL...about 2 1/2 hours from Pensacola. We had a marvelous time and loved the Panama City area...a great place to visit. We learned a to communicate better, the importance of being friends, and speaking each others love language. One of the rules for the weekend was that we couldn't watch any television all weekend. If you know us, you know that is hard for this family...what a nice change...I loved it! My favorite part was on Sunday...after the church service and group photo, we had two hours to create a gift/craft for our spouse and write a love letter that would be mailed to us in about a month. I put Taris' gift to me on the fridge and we just got our letters in the mail on Thursday. I was so excited. from the trip.

View of the resort from the water

Shell Island...a private island...amazing sand and beautiful water

Taris while we had the afternoon for a date

Me in the warm water

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DavitaJo said...

So happy to see a new blog! Glad you guys had a good retreat. The water is so clear!!!