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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Girls Weekend!

My sisters, Alexis and Rachel, came to visit. Of course my only nephew was there as well. We had a great time...went shopping, to the beach, and just relaxed. I am amazed at how BIG Mason is!! At the time of his visit, he was 9 months old and is already in 18 month clothing! I guess that he takes after his father. I am waiting on the pictures from Rae to get here, but until then, here is the first picture of them that I have. They flew here and brought so much stuff, that my trunk was overflowing. I had to put the stroller in the front seat with me and the three of them squeezed into the back seat. Enjoy! I promise more pictures.

The trunk...can you believe it was only for three days!!

First attempt...Mason's eyes were closed

Much better

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