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Monday, August 29, 2011

Hawaiian Lawn Mower

We sold our lawn mower and put our weed eater/edger in storage.  (You see, most of the houses that we came across for rent seemed to come with lawn care so I wasn't all that worried about bringing anything with us.)  Well, there are two unique things about the house that we lawn care included, washer and dryer.  (This is one of the only places that did not offer either of these...go figure!)  We did get lucky.  There is a shed in the back yard area and miraculously there is a lawn mower back there.  Now, before you get all excited, let me warn you that it is NOT your normal lawn mower.  This bad boy is OLD SCHOOL.  It is of the push design of the 1950's.  I used it for the first time today.  Wow!  Does it give you a workout!  Definitely very adventurous for me.  One more thing to make this move that much more unique!

Isn't she a beauty!

The quality inner workings

And because I haven' t posted any pictures of the girls...especially not at the new house...

Abbie is a little under the weather today


Distracted by a bug flying around her

She is usually my photo dog, but I guess even she can close
her eyes in a photo!

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Team Jaeski said...

I love it Estee! Thanks for sharing your blog with us! Great lawnmower, I'm sure it'll get LOTS of use! ;)