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Thursday, March 3, 2011


I was in DC to do a little work.  I was sent to the Governmental Affairs Conference.  It is a conference for credit unions across the US to come together and learn about different bills that effect credit unions.  The conference culminates with "hike the hill", where we meet with the different Senators and Congressmen that represent our districts.  As a bonus for this little trip, I even got to see some old friends friends from our old squadron in Abilene.  OK.  Brace yourself, picture overload.  (Do you expect anything less from me?)

view of the stage

Day one: Christina and I waiting for opening session

John Schneider, co-founder of Children's Miracle Network

Arianna Huffington

Mary Matalin

Congressman Bachus

John Boehner

Debbie Wasserman Schulz

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