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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Postal Surprise

I got a huge surprise in the mail today.  Taris sent me a card!  I know this sounds strange, but the more he deploys the less I get in the mail.  On his first deployment I got letters and cards regularly.  (Maybe I should chalk that up to just being married for a little over a year.)  After six deployments (this being the seventh) and almost ten years of marriage, the need for mail seems to have gone out the window.  Don't get me wrong.  Deployments have come a long way...from timed 15 minute phone calls and super limited email, to internet in the room with Skype to video chat.  (I don't even know if the place Taris is at has a morale tent with phones.)  So, with all of that who needs old school mail.  Well, my love language says I do!  Taris always says that there just isn't any cards where he is.  I told him to bust out some crayons and markers, dig deep into his inner artist (which he shouldn't have to dig far since his mom is an art teacher), and make one.  Well, he did!  He wrote a note inside and I have already read the thing four times.  It was a great Valentine's day treat.  (To go along with the beautiful bouquet of flowers he sent to the office.)  Thanks honey for filling my love tank...even when you aren't here!

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