The Hawkins Family

Monday, January 31, 2011

My Word

I listen to K-LOVE every day at work.  They are doing something really nifty.  Instead of making new year's resolutions they are encouraging everyone to claim a word for themselves this year.  A word that focuses on your vision for the future, both on a personal and spiritual level.  I prayed for days for God to make clear my word for 2011.  I was at lunch one day and saw a sign that left me not doubting what my word should be.

Courage.  Courage to step out of the boat and take a step in faith.  Courage to do my job with morals and values.  Courage to trust God enough not to worry about what our future holds.  I am excited about what 2011 holds for me and our family.  And I claim COURAGE as my word this year.

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