The Hawkins Family

Friday, December 24, 2010

Santa Cookies and Reindeer Food

After our all day Christmas Eve, I went back to Rachel and Mike's house to get ready for Santa coming to visit.  Rachel talked with Mason on the way home as to where we should put the reindeer food.  She asked him if they should put it in the front yard or back yard.  He said that they park in the backyard.  He then corrected himself and stated that the reindeer actually land on the roof, but definitely the backyard.  Rae asked if he wanted to put the carrots on the plate with Santa's cookies.  He looked at her and said, "Mom, reindeer are dirty and are not allowed in the house, so we need to put them on the ground in the back yard".  Rae agreed.  That nephew of mine is SO smart...I am not biased at all!  The collage below is of Mason spreading out the reindeer food and carrots, putting out Santa cookies, and of course a family picture.  When Mason was outside putting the food out, he saw his baseball laying in the grass in the yard.  He had to hurry and pick it up because the reindeer might eat it.

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