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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Hurst Water Park

On Saturday, we went to the Hurst water park. Hurst is the actual city that Alexis and Ashley live in. The city has this neat little local spot to cool off at. It is VERY kid friendly, but it does offer a couple of “big kid” slides. If you are a Hurst resident (and can prove it) the cost is $1. For everyone else, it is only $5! (Not bad for all of the fun that it offers.) Everyone had a great time. Kendall and Mason played in the “sprinkler” section, the adults took turns watching the kids and going down the big slides, and poor Tucker slept through the whole thing. We got some great pictures…especially of everyone going down the slide.

*Disclaimer: The first few pictures have awful color.  I have been messing with my manual settings and changed the White Balance and have not gotten into the habit of checking ALL of my settings.

Mason posing on the bridge

Tucker sleeping

Mason shooting water at us

Kendall in the water

Mason with daddy (Mike)

The Rogers...Ashley, Kendall, and Alexis

Alexis and Kendall

Ashley and Mike headed to the top of the slide

If you look REALLY close, you can see Ashley
coming down the slide

Mike coming down the slide

Mike hamming for the camera

Me...NOT going down the enclosed slide

I hold my nose for everything.

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